i IHLAYANEWSCOM Hotel cleaner who stole sperm from a used condom won child support battle nunyabizni nunyabizni lastsonlost yeahiwasintheshit okayysophia uncleromeo bruh Shoot this bitch Shoot this bitch right fucking now Looking around for more mainstream sources on this most seem to be news services in Africa but I did come across this gem that doesn’t seem to grasp the implications of this situation HILLARIOUS…A Woman Who Impregnated Herself With A Stolen Used Condom Wins US$3Million In Child Support Battle Because obviously this is funny as hell and not a tragic exploitation of the US justice system Dude’s got money I hope he sues her into oblivion and takes his kid back if this is a legit story I’m still mildly iffy since some of the details change from article to article Oh thank God skepticism wins this round @lastsonlosthttpswwwtruthorfictioncomhotel-cleaner-who-stole-sperm-from-a-millionaires-used-condom-won-child-support-battle-millionsIn its apparent first iteration the claim was shared by the site ihlayanewscom on November 9 2019 That site claimedA 40-year-old Las Vegas hotel cleaner won a child support battle against a 28-year-old millionaire who she never slept withectIhlaya News’ header has faint text reading “nuusparodie waarvan jy hou” which was translated by Africa Check“Ihlaya News” roughly translates from isiZulu as “crazy person news” The site’s tagline is “nuusparodie waarvan jy hou” – Afrikaans for “news parody that you like”When Ihlaya News “crazy person news” published “Hotel cleaner who stole sperm from a used condom won child support battle” on November 9 2019 faint “satire” signifiers appeared on that first iteration When numerous outlets in Africa shared it those details were stripped away as was the case with screenshots of the “news” on Facebook However the claim originated with an openly satirical siteTLDR story came from a satire site and a bunch of African news sources “ate the onion” as it were That’s a relief Meme



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