I HAVE TINY CRUSTACEANS STUCK IN MY GILLS! I'M HUNGRY FOR SEA BUGS! WHITETIP SHARK CLEANER WRASSE I NEED SOMEONE TO CARRY MY POLLEN TO OTHER FLOWERS I NEED NECTAR TO EAT! TICKSEED FLOWERS BUCKEYE BUTTERFLY l'M LOOKING FOR A BIG MEAL BUT I NEED HELP FINDING A DEER I WANT TO EAT VENISON BUT I'M TOO SMALL TO HUNT DEER! COMMON RAVEN COYOTE I NEED SOMEONE TO KEEP ANTS FROM EATING MY EGGS! I WANT A HOME WITH A BODYGUARD AND FREE ANT DELIVERY INCLUDED! COLOMBIAN LESSERBLACK TARANTULA DOTTED HUMMING FROG M TILLERY - CYANEUSCOM wAv paramud personal-scientist draconym themaishi draconym Mutualistic pairs for an “Odd Couples” Valentine’s program at my work Why do so many of my big work projects revolve around Valentine’s programs? Also by “sea bugs” I obviously meant “gnathiid isopod larvae” The himan one is not as good as the rest If you mean the mutualism between humans and honeyguides I respectfully disagree Humanhoneyguide mutualism is one of the most sophisticated interspecies relationships in the animal kingdom While humans have domesticated many other animals for their labor the honeyguide remains entirely wild while electing to partner up with humans Both humans and honeyguides have each developed specific calls to signal to one another that they are on the hunt and these calls greatly increase the likelihood of success According to this paper The production of this sound increased the probability of being guided by a honeyguide from about 33 to 66% and the overall probability of thus finding a bees’ nest from 17 to 54% as compared with other animal or human sounds of similar amplitude That’s fucking bonkers you guys!!! There are people out there who over the course of human history have created a sound to communicate with birds and the birds themselves have a Human Call they use to communicate with us There is no other wild animal you can just make noises at and immediately communicate that you want it to come help you!!! What’s more many scientists consider this relationship more exploitative on the honeyguide’s end than on our end! That’s unprecedented!! These birds have essentially negotiated a trade deal with humanity!!!! This is the stuff of fantasy movies except it’s real Here’s an article from The Guardian about the broader implications of this kind of relationship with wild animals It’s a good read Apart from with our gut bacteria we humans don’t really have any mutualistic relationships with other creatures There is no special tune that we can sing to magically attract nearby hedgehogs into our gardens to feast on slugs There will never be a special wink that fishermen can offer otters encouraging them to catch fish that we might then de-bone for them in return for some of the catch The world is poorer for this OKAY BUT the noise we make at honeyguides is one of my favorite noises there is and if y’all haven’t heard the “BRRR-HM?” call that hunters use to summon honeyguides you are SERIOUSLY missing out There’s an audio clip on the Audobon Society’s article about them link @metalpaca Meme











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