I have a muscle cramp in my left calf The pain started 5 I have a muscle cramp in my left Calf The pain started 5 days ago I tried massages stretches ice 1st day İbuprofen 1st day muscle relaxant 3 days Nothing seems to help The pain gets worse at night and when I wake up in the morning My calf is not swollen but tight as if I have stick stuck inside my calf One side of the calf is sore to touch Before this happened my right lower leg was swelling after I take walks I saw the doctor for it and she sent me fora doppler test and recommended I wear compression socks She only checked the swollen leg and failed to check the left one which is the one hurting now I have been wearing the compression socks on both legs the right leg is doing better and swelling going down but the left leg is still very sore but not swelled What is wrong with my left leg Is it muscle spasm? muscle tear? I do stretches every morning all the time Is it possible I strained my muscle Shoud lI stop? What do u suggest I take? Thank you Share this conversation f y G İn Answered in 4 minutes by Doctor Dr Su S Greetings Did you have doppler of both the legs? When it was taken? Regards Ask Your Own Medical Question Thank you for your reply I live in Canada so I have to wait a couple of months before I can get it done am looking for a private clinic where I can get it faster Tell me again about your nationalized health care Canada Skip to bottom Meme




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