I got my brother with special needs an escort to lose his virginity I still don't know how I feel about this Pic relevant 58 KB JPG my brother is 25 love my brother to death a few months back he has been caught several times lookin at YouTube titties on his tablet >put him on pornhub under my supervision and took it upon my self to make sure my parents don't catch him >learns to maneuver his way on that site without needing me likes Anastasia luxx a lot dasmyboyjpg gets caught and is in a fuck ton of trouble >I felt like shit realize that my brother will die a virgin won't feel tittles or a pussy > thought about getting my brother an escort similar to Anastasia luxx >I feel like a sick fuck for thinking that forget about it saw an article about a guy with Down syndrome who took out his sexual urges on children >I'm scared my brother will end up doing that shit >let the entire thing consume me for a few weeks finally decide to do it >Im still a virgin and I decided to get my brother laid spend a few hours each night messaging escorts that were chunky but funky my heart was pounding so fucking hard for a few I had to make phone calls l don't even smoke but I picked up a bit of a habit from doing this shit my hands still trembled after numerous sorry I refuse to offer my service I finally hit the jackpot with a women that was super sweet she understood my brother situation told her that I have yet to tell my brother about this so I have to build it up for him said she will be more than happy to offer her service when the time came >I give my brother showers from time to time it's our manly man-to-man talk where we discuss our plans for the day any problems going on for him any concerns 1 want a girlfriend one day bro what about you? >he laughs and says yes my heart is pound really hard all of a sudden no idea why >keep this up for a few days adding in more and more hype about having a girlfriend and to keep hush about our girlfriend talks finally drop the question do you want to fool around with a pretty woman? >his eyes lit up >immediately tell him it's a secret and that mom would be upset if she found out >he looks guilty now and i feel like an absolute sack of shit thinks doing that with a woman is forbidden if my mother would be upset >think back about the guy with Down syndrome give a handful of analogies about things we all do that someone would be upset about like how mom Would push aside her diet we back in business >few more shower talks where I inform him about woman despite never sleeping with one myself >finally message back the escort learned what incall was also explains that he have good hygiene >forgot that my brother is covered in hair night before the big i groom him nicely shaved balls butt chest and face >took forever like seriously forever my mom got a bit suspicious and although it was embarrassing I told her how uncomfortable I would feel if I had that much hair in my areas >l couldn't sleep at all that night im taking to0 Iong I'm just going to tast torward to the escort's house >after telling my parents we were going to the mall we arrived at her house after a 40 minute drive l was super tempted to just pull into a fast food restaurant grab a bite and head home ull up into some ghetto neighborhood at 500pm ish l felt like every car I passed by and every person knew that I was being a scum fuck who is going to get his special needs brother unnecessarily laid >she was very motherly like to my brother when she saw him and my brother felt right at home >focused a bunch of her attention to him and roused him up with honey are you ready to have some fun? offered us drinks and sat down with us at her living room >Didnt even feel like we were with an escort felt like we were with a long time friend especially since she was wearing a sweater and some sweatpants >after we covered all our questions and concerned she wraps it up with do you want your brother to be in the room while we have fun or do you think he will be okay outside? > didn't even think about that >she covered everything that I was worried about everything from condoms and stopping every once in a while for my brother she was more prepared than I was >he request that I wait outside >huge sigh of relief it would have been awkward she gets up to go get ready as my brother waits patiently in the living room with porn up on the TV comes back in lingerie that barely contained her massive tits my brother is red as fuck and followed her into the bedroom am nervous that something will happen to my brother what if he gets a seizure not that he has had any or what if he has a heart attack not that he has had any >shelled out 430 for a full hour and for him to have a horrible time is what I kept on thinking >hear the lady in the room start moan really exaggeratedly >like full on pornstar moans omfg as if she didn't live in a appartment l am sure as hell anyone who saw us outside knew we were there for her get called in Pohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck orack open the door not enough to peek but enough to be heard while using my indoor voice trying to set an example for her have you seen your brother cum? wait what my brother doesn't know how to properly masturbate which made me realize I never had to clean up after his gooey mess after supervising his porn sesh am n-not sure haha actually Is he done? she laughs >'1 don't know if he will cum or if he is even capable I have been riding him for quite a while leaned that the excruciatingly long hours I felt in her living room was actually 30 minutes and that she was trying to get him to cum so that they could cuddle afterwards >F'm shocked at what to say my dumbass says are you sure? >laughs even more >I don't know what to say andi stand ther awkwardly for a few more seconds before saying I don't know what else to say if he doesn't cum writhing the hour is sure it will be fine with him He did lose his virginity after all go back to sit a bit nervous I didn't hear a single word from him during that time >hour is up >she comes out with a big t shirt on her >they fucking stink my brother is happy as fuck >she managed to dress him back up >she tells me that he did end up coming a lot and the condom to finish on wasn't ake she also tells me that he must of have a great time from the look on his face fucking pure happiness Anons helps his brother Meme




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