hungwy whatistheplan-deactivated201712 New York Man Arrested for Cutting Wires to Red Light Cameras After Exposing Government Revenue Generating Scheme BEN KELLER Man found the stoplight cameras were activated during yellow lights and decided to cut the wires of it itical-perspective Florida Man Chaotic evil New York Man Chaotic good salthaumaturge Holy shit Nah dude look up the entire story it's INSANE The dude got arrested once before this for us- ing a painter's extension rod to point the stop light cameras into the sky instead of cutting the wires He didn't cut the wires until AFTER he got out after being arrested the first time- which he did after posting facebook videos that prove that the stoplights are intentionally rigged to trick drivers into citations-the yellow lights at intersections with cameras only last THREE SECONDS as opposed to the five seconds they last at other stoplights without cameras in the same county When he cut the camera cords he reported his deeds to the news -himself- and then politicians pressured the local police force into arresting him The local police and sheriff deputies actually SUPPORT him for his actions because the lights have been killing innocent people! During his most recent arrest one of the Sheriff's Deputies actually -offered to bail him out When he got home again after these incidents there was a surveillance camera planted at his house BY THE GOVERNMENT to watch him! His reaction to being surveilled? He painted over the camera in Americas flat out fucking ballsiest fuck you to the gubmint I've ever heard of And it gets EVEN CRAZIER After painting over the camera suddenly this guy-his name is Stephen Ruth by the way-started GETTING ATTEMPTS ON HIS LIFE He reports that a car intentionally tried to hit him ina head-on collision and after talking about the car to his neighbors they confirmed that the car in question Or at least one that was visibly identical its occupants included had been staking out his house! Somebody was legitimately trying to MURDER HIM over his discovery and his actions! As a final insult to injury Ruth pointed out that the VAST majority of the cameras were found SPECIFICALLY in lower-to-middle-class neighborhoods As well the victims of these rigged stoplights tried to go to the local news station to talk about the deaths of their family members that occurred from the rigging Aaaand The local station News12 never aired their interviews Remember how I said that after cutting the cables and calling the local news station Ruth was arrested because of pressure from politicians? Get this News12 is actually owned by CableVision who PROVIDES INTERNET SERVICE TO THE CAMERAS Whereas mister Ruth was only trying to ght help people and save lives he's been caught up in a full-blown fucking government conspiracy that's out for his blood This guy isn't Robin Hood he makes Robin Hood look like a-CHUMP 235147 notes Modern cyberpunk hero Meme




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