HOW TO PASS ON THE TORCH OF WOLVERINE Everyone agrees Hugh jackman was great as Wolverine We all know fox will still include him in their films he's their money maker It's inevitable So here's how to pass on the torch the right way Hugh jackman to wolverine is what bale is to batman They were both more grounded takes on a loved character They were great and in some fantastic films People love them After bale came arguably one of the best batmans of all time Ben Affleck His version was much more true to the comics in every way What wolverine needs is something new and refreshing We've had a great grounded take with Hugh jackman's wolverine now they need to go full on comic book to the point where you can't compare the two wolverines because they are sooo different We can get the suit! It can be done The black and yellow looked awesome in deadpool Do the suit more deadpool style People would love him You'd be able to have the best of both worlds A comic wolverine and a more realistic wolverine Just because you love Hugh jackman doesn't mean other generations shouldn't have a wolverine as well This will take time but like I said it's inevitable What do you think???? Let me know down below! Feel free to comment and share just give credit! Don't forget to use the link in our bio to get some awesome shirts! xmen mcu marvel marvelcomics marvelstudios logan wolverine scottsummers cyclops armiehammer tomhardy fancast avengers deadpool ryanreynolds deadpool2 cable x23 kevinfeige justiceleague dceu dc bvs suicidesquad Meme

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