How smart are you?A lady walks in the store and steals $100 bill from the register without the owners knowledge She comes back 5 mins later and buys $70 worth of goods with the $100 bill The owner gives her $30 in change how much did the owner lose???? A $30 B。$70 C $100 D $130 E $170 F $200 DO NOT OVER THINK IT! Again do not over think it Yes With the same 100 Cause it's already missing Then your till thinks u took in another 100 But u gace 30 back Trust me t's 130 then They sent me to a class to learn how to steal Lol Like Reply 18 hrs But what it the stores net loss? When all is said and done they are out the $70 worth of food and the $30 cash for a total of $100 The store ultimately got the $100 bill bachk Like Reply 3 hrs Nope cause the 100 was taken out of thw drawer So that makes them automatically 100 short b4 the theif even shops Like Reply 1 hr But after she leaves they have the $100 back She doesnt have it anymore Like Reply 1 hr Doesn't matter It's already gone So there's 100 n then she uses the 100 n gets the 30 back But 70 of items So the person drawer is gonna b 130 short N the store as a whole is 200 short as a whole in the end Like Reply 1 hr Lol no Say you have a $100 $20 and $10 bill for a total of $130 cash Now let's also say you are selling an item for $70 Between the cash and the item you are in possession of $200 worth of stuff She steals the $100 bill so now all you have is See More Like Reply 1 hr 200 Point blank 100 was rang threw the pos n then another 100 which is still missing Come to my work n i can show u how as in play money like teaching a 2 yr old I have been a sm for years Thats how it works on a corp world Like Reply 9 mins She spent the $100 she stole to get the $70 item and S30 cash After that transaction the store has the original $100 she stole and she no longer has it at that point All she has walking out that she didn't have walking in is the $70 item and $30 cash See More Like Reply 5 mins She walks put with only 100 The cashier is out 130 The store is out 200 Like Reply 3 mins N the register thinks they took in 200 because they took the 100 what was already rang in Then rang it again n doesn't have the other 100 So that means a fired employee Like Reply 2 mins How can you think that is possible? It is basic algebra When you add to one side it is because an equal number was subtracted on the other side How can she walk out of the store $100 richer because of her actions yet the store is somehow $200 poorer because of her actions? Like Reply Just now Lmao Hope u never have to run a store Ask another person cause i am done dealing with u I have described it over n over Like Reply Just now The store took in that $100 from someone else sure But at the end of the day the store still has that $100 but is short ofa $70 item and $30 cash Like Reply Just now memehumor They gave a few answers but never C Meme


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