Hong Kong Protest Gear Summer 2019 Yellow construction helmet Goggles For flying debris Protects against rubber bullets tear gas canisters flying bricks Gas Mask Protecting against tear gas which Hong Kong police use liberally Broad face cover To counter facial-recognition technology Black t-shirt Uniform adopted by Hong Kong protestors in contrast to white Ts worn by Beijing supporters Backpack Typically holds snacks water change of clothes tools and sometimes laser pens Lycra skin covers To protect against tear gas effects to shine in officers eyes Elbow& knee pads For for falling crawling and scuffing on city streets Umbrella Protection against rain and pepper spray Loose change For subway fare to avoid being tracked through electronic transit passes Heat-resistant gloves To throw hot tear gas canisters back at police Photo Saša PetricicCBC cisphobicmac thecringeandwincefactory i-hate-chick-fil-a This guide will be useful to Americans when we need to protest This is great stuff for situations where you’re dealing primarily with cops - just please keep in mind that one size does not necessarily fit all situations We’ve found locally for instance that nazis here like to use knives A lot of knife injuries come from attempting to fend off an attack and thus result in slashing injuries to the arms Fortunately there are very light flexible and relatively inexpensive products originally intended for butchers to use that are great for this and will cover your whole arm or forearm Always research this stuff ahead of time and look at what other people in similar situations are doing and share the information you find And remember that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to protect yourself And always mask up This persons comment wasn’t rebloggable but I felt was an important addition Meme











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