Hello my name is Giorno Giovanna and i have a dream to see who is Passione's top memester I shall review the memes of the other ppl of my group First we have Narancia HERE IS MY MEME! 、下心 uTheGreatFanBR That is not a meme Narancia 0 points Next! Giorno here's my meme! Literally verything else N EYES OF HEATEN YOU CAN EATTHE CRAP OUT OF J0SHU S SPEEDWAGON Very good mista good use of a new format and the joke is original! Good Job 8 points! The next one is Bruno Hello Giomo I have created a meme that will sure make you augh LOL isnt funny how the youth nowdays is? NT UP THE EEVCR FAİLOFWER?? THEY SHOULD HANE EN FETCHIN STANDO POWERS! is that a BOOMER MEME? This generation is very rude with us the greatest generation ever i would hate to be a lazy good- or nothing millenial who stays all day sitting and taring on their phones on my time we and my sister would sit on the street and actually talk those were the good day- Next on the list is Fugo it seems fugo was unable to show up Next one is Abbachio FUCK YOU GIORNO WHY WOULDI SPENT TIME MEME-MAKING FOR YOU YOU SON OF A BITCH EH? DO YOU THINKI AM GOING TO WASTE MY TIME MAKING A MEME TO PLEASE YOUR SORRY ASS? HELL NO! GO FUCK YOURSELF now um let's judge the memeS Please let me submit my meme! Credit goes to luStSpyro bless him! Now that is a very good meme an excellent meme! 1010! Trish Una wins the Passione Meme Championship! Giorno Giovanna's 'Passione Meme Championship' Meme

A Dream










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