hello-kitty-senpai There is a specific and terrifying difference between never were monsters and are not anymore monsters The thing that was not a deer implies a creature which mimics a deer but imperfectly and the details which are wrong are what makes it terrifying The thing that was not a deer anymore on the other hand implies a thing that USED to be a deer before it was somehow mutated possessed parasitically controlled or reanimated improperly and what makes THAT terrifying is the details that are still right and recognizable poking out of all the wrong and horrible malformations hello-kitty-senpai hey I totally forgot the 3rd type which is Is Not Anymore And Maybe Never Was monsters The thing which was no longer a deer and maybe never was implies a creature that at first glance completely appears to be a deer but over time degrades very slowly until you realize probably too late that it is not a deer anymore and had you seen it in this state first you wouldn't have recognized it as a deer at all and there's a decent chance that it was never actually a deer to begin with but only a very good mimic and what makes this one scary is the slow change from everything being right to everything being wrong happening slowly enough that you don't even notice it until its too late as welll as the fact that something now so clearly not a deer could have fooled you to begin with katekarl And the fourth type which is I dunno but it sure ain't a deer Which implies complete confusion about what the creature could be to the point that even a person as comfortable in this world as someone who would use the word ain't unironically is uncertain which should horrify you to the deepest depths of your soul goblinfruit Don't forget the fifth type the that's a weird looking dog implying that while the creature has an appearance that slips beyond our ken that raises the tiny hairs at the back of our necks and limbs that makes our lungs rattle and hearts constrict personality-wise it is a good boy Source hello-kitty-senpai 52450 notes #anymore #never #were #notNever were not anymore - #Anymore #notNever Meme






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