Hello It you're in a hurry you can stop reading here otherwise you can keep going and we hope to bring a smile to your face I thought you might find it interesting to see exactly how your order's shipping was processed Your product was carefully retrieved from our inventory with sterilised anti-bacterial gloves and placed on a satin silk cushion A team of 50 experts then proceeded to inspect your product they polished it until it shone bright and bid it farewell with a tender caress Our internationally renowned packaging specialist who came straight from Korea to oversee your order in person lit candles and incense sticks and a great silence settled over the crowd as he delicately placed your product in its box The party we organized to celebrate your order lasted 3 days When the time came the crowd gathered and set forth The crowd's clamouring and cheering rang out through the city as the prOcession made its way to accompany your product all the way to the post office The postal service then took over using one of their many private jets to send you your product as fast as possible Given the inestimable value of your product two fighter jets were specially dispatched to ensure its safe arrival Thank you for purchasing your product at KLIM We've placed a photo of you in a 50 foot by 50 foot frame and elected you client of the century unfortunately this position may be rivalled in the year 2100 We hope you enjoyed this small text! In any case don't forget if you encounter any problem big or small we're at your disposal any time The KLIM Technologies team Klim pei Yesterday I purchased a pair of headphones they arrived today with this letter inside the package They made my day! Meme




post office

Thank You






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