Hace 2 semanas Hace 5 meses That is incorrect but women wants men like comedian Women might look for men who have confidence that is true and i can understand wanting a guy with confidence However thats not the only thing equipped to him They usually are ones to be assholes and are 41 31 Hace 3 meses 2 no they don't quick to dump them after 9 they have had what they were after The nice guys are the ones who are kind and genuine rather than being so quick to get in her pants They are very friendly however women see that as not being hard and cheats or leaves with someone else for Hace 3 meses of course wants cause good humans are boring type for they most of women want easy life and spend the money of husband or bf 3 them to throw her away for someone else And for your second part on it being only teenagers that shit could not be even more further from the truth Its a common known fact that women who are age 40 go to more nicer guys in particularly white men because they have been cheated on in the past Either because of them leaving someone who was nice but they wanted a bad one or because the nigga was a boi and not a man And even 40 year old women and younger still play games cheating on others and sleeping with bad boys until they ass is left in the mud enough for them to think to stop Overall stop blaming all that shit on men and some of yall need to take the responsibility Hace 2 meses Although i disagree with some of the shit he said he has a point and there is truth in it Women bitch and complain about men yet they always go for the bad boy And then when he one night stands her or the relationship doesn't last that long and he dumps her she wanna complain that men aint shit This goes on EVER SINGLE DAY There is countless of times women have left nice guys for niggas who aint shit and the want to point and blame 6 Más información Hace 4 semanas editado That's not what happens Most nice guys are dudes who think doing the minimum of nice shit will get them laid The bad boys are normally just confident dudes who are still respectful If a man is abusive then he is an abuser not a bad boy Plus Teenagers are the ones who want the bad boys becuase you're at that immature age where you're dealing with hormones And women who keep ending up with abusers are A Already have a background of abuse B Unfortunate I know you're a sad incel who doesn't have a grasp on reality but dude let it go 5 rsecom It's Good Humans now not nice guys Comment from the scene where The Comedian tries to rape Silk Spectre and is saved for Hooded Justice Watchmen 2009 Blue comment and black part was something about United States political parties and i don't care about USA politics Meme


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