H HAHAL! CANNOT BELIEvE THE ER MARRYING AN ELF NO LESS! AYE SUCH BEAU WASTED ON İRST THEIR DAMN KIND THE SINGLE TIME THEY MANAGE TO SEDUCE ONE OF OUR O WN ELVEN EYES IT BE GHM THE RAVISHING 6 HM nyodrite fozmeadows words-writ-in-starlight jam-art thranduil sleeps calmer knowing even if his son married a dwarf at least he married The Supermodel dwarf and singlehandedly crushed the hopes of single dwarves and dwarrowdams everywhere this is my headcanon and you will never take it from me listen just Listen for a second okay Gimli Gloinul is from the line of Durin okay he’s from the line of KINGS his bloodline stands up against Legolas’ perfectly if the elves and dwarves got their shit together for a hot second they would be like “YES PERFECT A DIPLOMATIC MARRIAGE TO BIND OUR HOUSES TOGETHER AND NEVER SHALL THE TWAIN THROW ONE ANOTHER TO DRAGONS…again” because you have a king’s son and a king’s nephew which well I love Dain but he’s not an EREBOR KING and GIMLI IS FROM THE FAMILY OF EREBOR KINGS And Gimli acts like he’s from the line of Erebor kings too okay he’s a diplomat and a warrior and a nobleman he’s the sort of person who SAYS things like ‘faithless is he who says fairwell when the road darkens’ and stares down Elrond Peredhil in his own home when his strength and faith are questioned And he’s the kind of person who swears his allegiance to people he barely knows because it’s Right and Good and Gimli knows it And Thorin Oakenshield was handsome and his sister the lady Dis is beautiful and Gimli’s cousins Fili and Kili were fine young dwarrows and Gimli’s mother is a great beauty Basically my point here is that Gimli proud strong gimli with his firebeard hair and bold laugh and mithril tongue and clever fingers broke the hearts of everyone in Erebor and not a few people outside of Erebor when he married a goddamn elf Like Not even Arwen Undomiel WHO MARRIED A GODDAMN HUMAN it’s been a weird couple of years in Middle-Earth everyone wonders strongly if they’ve been drinking too much Like he’s not even marrying a great beauty of the elves Legolas isn’t ugly by elvish standards but also he’s nothing particularly special and he’s not a great diplomat and he’s BARELY a king’s son because everyone knows that Mirkwood elves are…a little odd Legolas is a big cheerful hunter who sings songs he doesn’t remember all of who chatters to trees and has no sense of the right thing to say even if he’s developed enough self-preservation to know the wrong thing to say and FOR THE LOVE OF MAHAL HE FIGHTS WITH A BOW “GIMLI” Gloin bellows “YOU TURNED DOWN THIRTY-TWO SUITORS FROM FINE DWARVISH LINES FOR THIS” “Ignore him amrâlime he’ll get over it” Gimli says in amusement as he beckons Legolas over to his forge where he’s carefully smithing mithril-inlaid gold marriage clasps that will grip fine elvish hair It’s too hot in the forge to wear shirts if you’re working Every dwarf in twenty feet stops what they’re doing to watch Gimli’s biceps flex as he holds up a jewel for Legolas’ inspection “YOU COULD HAVE HAD A HAREM” Gloin wails from down the hall #a headcanon I never knew I needed until this very moment @acrossthetallgreenriver Meme

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