GOTTA LOVE HOW PEOPLE ARE SO QUICK TO SLAM CAPTIAN MARVEL WHEN EVERYONE WAS CHEERING ON WONDER WOMAN SO MUCH DOUBLE STANDARDS IN THE COMIC BOOK FANDOM IT'S SICKENING SUPER-HERO-COonFESSIons theamazingcaptainspider hayley566 waveringwannabevalkyrie libertarirynn hayley566 I think I know why that is It’s because Wonder Woman is more fantasy-esque and Captain Marvel is a more harsh reality Let me explain Wonder Woman grew up in a paradise without men or sexism and just now entered the world of man and just now experienced sexism Carol grew up in the world of man and grew up within this system That and Wonder Woman takes place further in the past making it easier to think “wow back then was awful but we’re way better now” while several comic fans grew up in the 90’s making it feel not that long ago While I love both films I do feel like Captain Marvel took more risks than Wonder Woman in this sense and I applaud it for that Miss me with that nonsense The Carol we see at the start of the film only remembers her life on a planet where men and women were equally trained combatants and as far as we can tell have the respect of their male peers Yes she was technically born on earth but until the latter half of the film she doesn’t remember that part Her personality is shaped by the world that she remembers And how is it “taking risks” to have a character that’s almost completely invulnerable and whose only “flaw” is not realizing how awesome she actually is even though she was already practically all powerful? How is it taking risks to have a character who basically never learns or grows and is just already a badass who dispatches all enemies with little to no difficulty? Diana had to face defeat and the possibility that her simplistic belief in justice and the existence of war need to be re-examined She had to work with others and listen to wisdom and advice in order to make informed decisions She was powerful but not invulnerable She was relatable and likable She didn’t go around being cold and rude to people for no damn reason and ooze pretension with every word she spoke Y'all really can’t distinguish fiction from reality huh? I call bullshit on “wOrLd oF mEn” bullshit because CM’s writing was fucking trash Literally every single fucking man she met besides Nick Fury and the Skrull guy was a complete misogynistic caricature to the point that her FUCKING DAD’S first reaction to her getting in a go-cart accident was not desperate fearconcern for his only daughter but to…immediately belittle her? No babe that’s not reality that’s shit ass writers who have no sense of nuance and no sense of developing villains because “UHHHHH HERO IS WOMAN AND MAN HATE WOMAN SO ALL MEN BAD”Take another example the boot camp scene where apparently like 8 white guys have nothing to do except stand around and taunt Carol? Except in real life boot camp no one has fucking time to stand around your ass is constantly being drilled and harassed by your drill instructor and all of the recruits are being shaped into a unit to WORK TOGETHER with everyone being treated equally harshly Also I’m supposed to believe that boot camp back in the 80’s90’s was unisex? If it was just Carol training on her own that again begs the question of why an entire group of guys was just staring at her while she was training instead of I don’t know… doing their own training? Relaxing on base during what little leisure time they had? But those questions don’t matter because the writers didn’t give a damn about reality They only gave a fuck about pushing their bullshit man hating agenda strawmanning all men and creating a situation where Carol was nothing but a poor innocent victim of evil cruel men They literally only existed to victimize Carol and make all of her behavior seem acceptable because “they were mean to her first so if she decides to nearly break a man’s hand off and steal his motorcycle later it’s okay!” That’s not fucking realism that’s hack writingCaptain Marvel is bad she’s not even remarkable by the standards of female characters and quite frankly it’s insulting that you ignore and downplay other far more iconic and well-written female heroes just because Carol plays to your politics @waveringwannabevalkyrie “world of man” is a term used in the Wonder Woman comics several times to describe the world outside of themiscrya That’s why I used it here I would go over how abusive men do exist just like abusive women do and how I’ve had my own experiences with an abusive father but from your tone I think if I explain anymore you would make fun of me or something with the whole “aw you have daddy issues and that’s why you like the movie lol” I’m so hope you’re not that cruel but knowing the internet you cannot be safe I just hope you’re not like those kind of people that I met and are willing to at least understand that just because you don’t experience something doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone else@libertarirynn as someone who’s seen the movie I feel like the struggle was more than just “not knowing how awesome she was” She was being lied to about her entire life for six years and we even see her have a breakdown upon realizing this We see her sobbing out in a field over finding all this out The idea of finally being free from the control of others whether male or female people seem to forget that minn-erva was also a villain in the movie in both a physical and emotional sense Despite Carol having her memories wiped in the beginning the audience gets flashes of the sexism she faced growing up While I love both films I will say that captain marvel spoke to me more than Wonder Woman because of my own personal experiences and if it didn’t do the same for you guys that’s fine I just feel that the movie gets misrepresented or misinterpreted a lot and that it is unfair It sucks that Wonder Woman is used to bash captain marvel despite the different approaches the movies take towards women’s issues In fact that behavior has caused me to like Wonder Woman less and less and I really don’t want that to happen Not only do I start to see the flaws in the film being put on a pedestal I become more defensive of the one that’s being misrepresented I still love the Wonder Woman movie but the internet makes it hard to sometimesI guess what I’m saying is…I wish fans wouldn’t use one to bash the other I honestly wasn’t trying to bash Wonder Woman or use captain marvel to do so in my last reply I was just explaining how one is more successful since it tried to be more palatable while the other took more risks in being a feminist film I hope you both can see that I am not looking for a fight and am just explaining myself I hope this helped you understand where I’m coming from and that instead of arguing or throwing insults like what usually happens online this can be handled amicably Both are good moviesPeople who hate them or use one to trash the other are secist idiots End of story Or maybe they just have a different opinion and maybe you need to learn how to spell “sexist” before calling anyone else an idiot Meme






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