Google what happens when you d what happens when you call michael bolton what happens when you crack your knuckles what happens when you crack your back what happens when you crack the tamago egg Verizon 3G 1212 PM Messages 102Joe Edit Call FaceTime Contact Text Message Jun 11 2013 1212 PM Hey AC is leaking can you see if Elvis got my message? Text Message Send nethefilerecommend this g +1 o 囥share ●Recommend Send in Tweet 3 Be the first of your friends Does oral sex cause throat cancer? By Jessica Yadegaran yadegaran@bayareanewsgroupcom Posted 06042013 011347 PM PDT Updated 06042013 013147 PM PDT 3 TweetActor Michael Douglas raised eyebrows when he cited oral sex as at cancer In an interview with the Guardian newspaper Douglas said his cancer was caused by virus Without wanting to get too specific this particular cancer is caused by HPV wh y comes about from cunnilingus the actor said While Douglas' camp later backed off from those statements it has sparked dialogue about the connection between We talked to Natalie Marshall a medical oncologist with Alta Bates Summit's Comprehensive Cancer Center in FLike 21Berkeley where she specializes in head and throat cancers about cancer and its link to HPV Does oral sex cause throat cancer? Submit A While there's been a decrease in smoking-related head and neck cancers since the late 1980s weve seen a steady increase in oropharyngeal cancers in the tonsil and base of tongue area that are caused by a strain of HPV HPV Type 16 that can be transmitted through oral sex But it doesn't mean that everyone who engages in oral sex is going to get this type of cancer It's actually a small percentage of people who contract the virus and can't fight it off What percentage of people are we talking about? A 10 percent of men and about 3 percent of women Q Can it only be transmitted through the mouth? attends One Centennial Sensation at Hudson Theatre on June 3 2013 in New York City Photo by Ben GabbeGetty Images Ben Gabbe A No it is also transmitted in the genital and anal areas Q What else does HPV-16 cause? A It causes many cases of cervical cancer in women and is also associated with penile anal and vaginal cancers Advertisement Q What can you do to protect yoursef? Experience the Wonders of the Forest! A One thing that is important is to re a vaccine for effective in have th that there is ination is most The thre It is best to before they n vaccinated wh nt thing you can do is to be y you would act to avoid careful The contracting HIV The more promiscuous you are and the more partners you have the more at risk you are Use common sense and don't take sexual risks Are there any symptoms to be aware of? DiscoverTheForestorg A Yes throat pain or a lump in your mouth or difficulty swallowing or bleeding in your mouth Wine Glasses six-6 - $4 Malverne 06292012 PM 0729 Six cut glass wine glasses with a very pretty leaf design cut into the glasses <p><a href=httpwwwlatenightwithjimmyfalloncomblogs201306introducing-late-night-screen-grabs target=_blank><strong>INTRODUCING Late Night Screen Grabs<strong><a><p> <p>Hey pals! We want to see the funny things you&rsquove found on the Internet or TV Send us your funniest screen grabs and we&rsquoll post a weekly round-up of our favorites online! We might even put a few on the show!<p> <p><span> It can be anything weird ad placement crazy Craigslist ads weird product reviews funny wikipedia entries strange Google search auto-completes Tumblr dashboard coincidences website typos silly iPhone auto-corrects local news mishaps whatever you find on a screen that makes you laugh!<span><p> <p><strong>HOW TO SUBMIT<strong><p> <p>You can so submit by emailing latenightblog@nbcunicom or <a href=httplatenightjimmytumblrcomsubmit target=_blank>submitting them here<a><p> <p class=p1>Be sure to include your name the image and where you found it If you&rsquore sharing something from another website be sure to include the link<p> Meme










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