gingermaple: broadwaytheanimatedseries: tflatte: constable-nugget: arcanine-tamer: lebritanyarmor: donzo1234: fonzworthcutlass: the-real-eye-to-see: But they value our lives even less Ok but look: I’m really screaming he was planning on eating the baby 😭 Ok, as a biology major, y’all need to chill. Snakes this big are incredibly docile. They have been bred this way. Furthermore, the person taking care of this animal could not properly take care of them if they did not feed them regularly and well. This child is in no more danger than if she was sitting next to a big dog.  Oh, and on snake yawning, the person above is wrong (SOURCE 1; SOURCE 2) Please don’t demonize snakes people they’re amazing creatures and clearly this one means no harm This is almost as bad as that shitty urban legend about the snake “measuring” its owner before eating them How dare you snakes are better than most people i know Snakes are absolute babies! Babies