Germans have a running gag where they pretend the town of Bielefeld does not exist Even when Angela Merkel talked about a meeting she had in Bielefeldshieadded- if it existsat all Bielefeld has even released a statement insisting their existence but unknowing ly published it on April 1 existence but unknowing memeguy-com Why should Germans be the only ones having this kind of fun Fellow citizens of the United States I nominate Wyoming abessinier Ladies and gentlemen I present to you- the Bielefeld Conspiracy squirrelofdoom You shouldn't spread this kind of nonsense Non-German followers may believe that Bielefeld actually exists official-berlin the oldest yet biggest german meme hopeforbrighter Other versions edit Similar satire conspiracy theories exists in other countries ·図Brazil Acre12 India Jhumri Talalya 13 Israet Petah Tikva Italy Molisel Norway Kyrksæterora Romania salaj County Russia Khabarovsk Spain Teruel15 Turkey Bilecik6 and Baybur Canada Winnineal17 Finland The whole country New Zeala w Piymouth18 voidwerks o Verizon1205 AM 67% boards4chanorg -D Board pol-Politically Incorrect ▼Settings Home There are allegedly around 65 million Finns right? That's out of a 7125 billion humans That means Finns make up 0912% of the planet 118 KB JPG That's not 9%--that's point zero nine percent less than a percent less than a tenth of a percent To put that another way 999% of the planet are not Finns How do we know this? Government censuses Now the best government censuses have a margin of error of at least 1 % So Finns make up 0912% of the planet plus or minus one percent In conclusion there is a 5050 chance Finland doesn't exist # 2272585077 # 2272585345 I can't say for certain that I believe in Finland's existence Meme











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