Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 18 Yesterday Francisco Galicia a high school senior born in Dallas TX called his mother for the first time after being released from nearly a month of illegal detainment in US Concentration camps at the hands of CBP and ICE He was held in inhumane conditions he told me South Texas 566 Veterans Drive 302 PM Jul 24 2019 Twitter for iPhone Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h Replying to @GaretBleir 28 Francisco a Us born citizen was detained by Border Patrol on June 27th at a checkpoint in Falfurrias Texas while driving with his friends on their way to a college soccer scouting event At the checkpoint he showed Border Patrol agents proof of his birth in the U 1 Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h 38 he had on him - his Texas State ID his wallet-sized birth certificate and his social security card but the agents told him they believed the documents weren't real his attorney told me For the entire three weeks he was held captive in CBP custody Francisco was not 1 Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h 48 allowed to use the phone even for calls to his attorney or to his mother who feared he would be deported It wasn't until Saturday after being transferred to ICE custody that he was allowed to make a collect phone call 3 1 Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h 58 Despite multiple attempts by family members and his attorney to give further proof of his US citizenship it wasn't until the attorney took this to the news media and grassroots activists throughout Texas that ICE finally released Francisco she says 1 t 1 4 Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h 68 The attorney was told that she would have to present the documents to ICE officials upon arrival at South Texas Detention Complex in Pearsall TX but after a handful of activists and reporters arrived at the detention facility 9 1 3 Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h 78 we watched as ICE officials released Francisco without even speaking to the attorney This further shows that the officials not only had the proper documentation for his release they also knew that they had the proper documentation and that he was a US citizen 1 t 2 5 Garet Bleir @GaretBleir 21h 88 I'll be sharing more updates soon along with videos and photos showing what happened while we were there as soon as possible Photo Garet Bleir - Journalism arctic-hands swan2swan swan2swan If you haven’t seen this story look up his name Francisco Galicia Expect to see him come 2020 when the debates begin and the political battle heats up Expect to see him in a suit testifying in court or before Congress This young man is a witness and a victim and the fact that this isn’t a more prominent story on every news station is what truly frightens me From The Dallas News Galicia says he lost 26 pounds during that time in a South Texas immigrant detention center because officers didn’t provide him with enough food He said he wasn’t allowed to shower and his skin was dry and dirty He and 60 other men were crammed into an overcrowded holding area where they slept on the floor and were given only aluminum-foil blankets he said Some men had to sleep on the restroom area floor Ticks bit some of the men and some were very sick Galicia said But many were afraid to ask to go to the doctor because CBP officers told them their stay would start over if they did he said I would remind you that concentration camps are actually real “I told them we had rights and asked to make a phone call But they told us ‘You don’t have rights to anything’” Francisco Galicia said This is happening the screencapped tweets are in initial link Meme











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