gallusrostromegalus Family Lore Let's Have Another Bullet Point Story Courtesy of a Friend So I have a friend that used to be in the tumblers troupe at the renfaire as a contortionist We were chatting online and she told me to tell you all this story I love Kat dearly but she forgets that she's stupid strong and hypermobile so one day she throws her back out bad enough that she needed painkillers and couldn't stand upright But also I needed Tampons and like A Burrito real bad she's flat on her back in her apartment when she decides this and in an impeccable leap of reasoning decides I can't roll my back forward to sitstand up like normal But I can ARCH my back just fine SO I'm going to do that and get on my hands and feet in a stomach-in-the-air this-shit-belongs- in-a-horror-movie-type pose And amble on down to the 7-11 And get me that Burrito It is for context after midnight in July during a wildfire so it's hot as satan's own asshole and the moon is red and shit's already generally cursed Imagineyou are some poor sap working nights at the world's deadest 7-11 and you hear the door jangle but you don't see anyone's head over the counters Whatever Except you keep hearing noises like there's someone in the next aisle over Fucking around in the burrito section It's also worth mentioning that Kat 1 sings whatever earworm is currently running through her head when she's not paying attention 2 sounds EXACTLY like some kind of creepy child from a horror movie when doing so tonight's song is something from veggietales DUDE ACTUALLY STANDS HIS GROUND andor is really fucking high and isn't sure if he's tripping balls or notanyway Kat goes up to pay for her burrito and tampons She realizes the counter presents something of a challenge and then demonstrates for me on her kitchen table at 4AM during a different july wildfire eхactly how she used the shelves to climb up the counter like one of the boston robotics beasties dude stares at her for like five minutes and says Register's broke Oh No! Says Kat Just Take 'em Really? I can leave cash-you don't have to give me change I don't want you to get in trouble with your manager Nah Oh! OK! Thank you! Yeah ok bye Shortly after she arrived back at the apartment she got a text on her phone from the campus security about A Suspicious Individual at tle 7-11 It took her FOUR FUCKING YEARS to realize she was the suspicious individual #Family Lore #stories 78105 notes A Haunted Encounter Meme











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