FuGika educates Pusztal Pál rajza PnStan JuCika otvost hiv Pusztai Pál rajza PASHai JuGka and the book day present Pusztal Pál rajza POEMS PiSttai Pusztai Pál rajza Jucika in the store window DANGE DANGER DANGER mazarinedrake bogleech kaible bogleech coolclaytony bogleech this 50′s hungarian comic strip I’d never heard of until now is so damn cute for something that also gets so horny It helps that the writer was trying to create something he hoped would appeal to women as much as men Yeah and I think where it really succeeds vs modern anime wifey fantasy shit is that Jucika really is just a character super comfortable with being sexual likes looking sexy and even has no shame in using it to get her way …But at the same time she doesn’t tolerate being objectified against her wishes …And the comic takes her side in both cases whereas I’ve seen countless modern narratives in which this same character would have only been framed as like a Slutty ™ Bitch ™ or full blown villain One of the things I also really like about this comic besides what’s already been stated is that the humor isn’t always about her being sexy Sometimes it’s just about other goofy things in her life! oh yes many of them are experienes just anybody can relate to but then there’s also the time she just…built a functional AI? she just didn’t predict how the robot rebellion would really manifest Every time I see this post it has more of these comics on it and they are all super adorable <3 Meme











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