flowersinbonecages 19 delete edit You're pathetic Please kill yourself Anonymous The other day I was very seriously contemplating suicide Had I received a message like this then I legitimately believe I would have attempted to take my own life Unfortunately for you two days ago a littie boy saved me I didn't even know him -yet as we passed each other he said I was beautiful and deserved to live Just like that As tumbir becomes more populated the amount of times I see hate on my dash is becoming more frequent Often after my initial fury at seeing the cruel message dies down I wonder what it is in the anonymous' life that has made them so bitter heartless and cold that they feel compelled to tell someone that they are not beautiful or are undeserving of life I have failed to think of anything I can find no reasons for such inhumanity 3 weeks ago a 13 year old girl from my town committed suicide because she was being bullied The amount of people it affected is astounding Her father is going to walk her down the aisle in a coffin as oppose to a beautiful white wedding dress He's probably going to cry himself to sleep tonight like he has done since she she died He still remembers holding her the day she was born and promising to protect her no matter what Her mum is never going to teach her how to put her new born baby to sleep She is never going to have a first kiss Have sex Travel the world Feel the rush of relief when she finishes her final exam Turn eighteen Have a baby Feel anxious when her child goes to school for the first time Someone murdered her with their words Someone like you I'm naive to think you will never send hate again but please learn two things from my response 1 t takes a few kind words to save someones life 2 It takes a few cruel words to take someones life VIA THEMETAPICTURECOM epicjohndoe Such A Beautiful Thought Meme










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