FIVE TIPS FOR NEW KILlERS Welcome to the fog new guy Here in The Entity's realm we hunt survivors for eternity Sounds like a lot of fun right? Wel it's not as easy killing these guys as it was killing people back home Here are some pointers to help make sure you don't displease The Entity KNOW HOW YOUR PDWER WORKS Often the best weapon in the arsenal of a killer is their power Know how it works and what synergies it has Don't be the killer who puts Deerstalker on The Nightmare or Insidious on The Pig Does your power help in chase or is it for locating survivors? Does it shut down loops or slow down gen repairs? Knowing how to play the killer is half the battle KNOW WHEN A CHASE GOING ON FOR IOD LOND 2 You're faster than them Eventually you will catch that survivor but at what cost? If there are too many pallets lots of close windows or a nearly infinite loop because of Balanced Landing finishing the chase might not be worth it If you spend two minutes chasing one survivor that's enough time for the other three survivors to finish three generators Know when a chase isn't worth finishing 5WING THRDUFH THAT PALLET LSE THE LOOP No one likes getting hit in the face with a pallet and it can be really tempting to pull back at the last second to try and avoid it Don't do it It's better to swing and get hit because either the survivor will take damage or have to drop the pallet Once that pallet is destroyed that loop location is nearly useless to the survivor The Hillbilly says If you absolutely hate getting stunned my perk Enduring speeds up your recovery time by 75% This results in a pallet stun lasting for only 12 seconds instead of the default 21 YDU MAY NDT HAVE TO VAULT THAT WINDDW 4 Often there is a shorter way around that window the survivor just vaulted or the pallet he just threw down This game is all about time - if there's a shorter path to ending the chase take it The Clown says If you do have to go through that window my perk Bamboozle will increase the rate at which you vault in addition to blocking survivors from vaulting that window for a maximum of sixteen seconds This effectively forces the survivor to move to another loop location KEEP IRACK DF THE DENERATORS Learning how to tell what generators the survivors will want repair is an important skill for every killer Try and keep track of which generators are almost repaired and which are being left alone Also keep track of their placement so you know when a survivor is trying to lure you away from the generators that his team are currently trying to repair The Pig says If you are having trouble telling which generators the survivors are focusing on my perk Surveillance will allow you to see when the survivors have returned to repair a generator that you damaged This also makes it easier to track survivors Five tips for new killers Meme

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