File WYSIOIXpng 87 KB 268x325 Anonymous 100819Tue214212 No54788134 Reply 54788256 5478829754788319 >be me classroom 710 teacher >few years older than me >ratio of female to male students is like 4-1 keep exchanging looks with teacher ffw 4 weeks >talking to teacher in private >anon you need to contribute to discussions more say im just nervous why anon > say its because most of the class are girls say idk how to talk to women well anon you're talking to me awkward silence anon you can go now >2 weeks later apparently its her birthday >wait until end of lesson and give her gift box of chocolates >sorry anon we aren't allowed to accept gifts from students well ill just leave it over here and whatever happens to it happens she smiles >thanks anon no problem >leave >checking emails next day one from her asking if I can see her in another classroom 20 minutes before the next lesson with her >just agree since I probably made a mistake on an assignment or some shit be in room next day she looks different than usual she asks me to take a seat next to her she opens her folder on the table and shows me whats inside >bunch of forms asking about my experience on the course etc she moves slightly closer to me and puts the questionnaires in front of me >one of the questions is how would l rate the teaching >l can tell shes looking but trying not to >just make up a bunch of complimentary shit since shes pretty good anyway wow anon you really think im that good? say yes shes probably one of the better teachers ive had >she learns really close now and kisses me on the cheek in a playful way >bonergif >your sweet anon >she smells nice >y-you too in following lesson she keeps smiling at me and looking away wtf is her problem teach properly you cunt at end of lesson ask her if she has a problem with me she looks confused >tell her is there something strange about me thats making her smile >shes silent >fuck this im going fuck women and their mind games Anon has a teacher Meme











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