File quote dank meme 99 KB 565x591 ANK MEMES Anonymous 121917 Tue221053 No754375833 Reply ' >be me craving memes >join facebook group called Dank Memes TM >post meme post meme requesting meme comments in response >post is flagged and deleted >l am publicly ridiculed and told that that is bait >l can't figure out how meme is bait until I look through the group >there are no memes >there is softcore pom pee is shut up there is garbage vertical video of >there is nothing actually made to be a meme >this is somehow even worse than reddit >l post meme request again use no colorful language and post meme with it requesting more of this particular meme logically what a meme group would be for >like on 4chan I start commenting on my own post with topical meme pictures to share my collection of this meme >moderator shuts off comments >tells me I'm spamming dispite it being my post and topical post related comments >moderator then personally and publically attacks me with an original post >I'm actually kind of impressed it's the first thing close to an actual meme I've seen on the forum >l comment to let her know that >dissapointed she was just a dumb cunt soccer mom who lacked all semblance of self-awareness and actually thought she was ridding the internet of a bad guy by antogonizing me on fb >her ignorant towns folk types jumped in and began berating me calling for banning me despite her even admitting I hadn't broken any more rules hadn't violated rules to begin with but whatever >have to just laugh as idiots insult me for literally no reason but pack mentality >seriously if you wanted a list of mentally feeble sociopathic animals that the world would be better off without just look at the respondents to my comment on her attack post >FFS anyway fuck Facebook >fuck dumb soccermom idiots who literally don't know what the word meme means >fuck admins that think they are a small town sheriff and fuck the dumb townsfolk that chime in >l truly wish the worst on all of them they have proven their uselessness to me and to the world around them Meme











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