File black-manta-new-52jpg 96 KB 618x412 Damonashu 116 points 1 year ago ALEX DEGEN MAGIC SERPLE 2018 I'd like to imagine that Black Manta spends his time awake at night thinking of new ways to reminds Aquaman how he killed his son 0121121 >»90121140 >>90121185 >»90121418 >>90121437 >>90121471 Anonymous 022217Wed054349 No90121094 @ADACTIVITY 90121568 »90121617 »90121781>»90122145 >>90122957 90123029 >90123691>90124826 >>90125587 >>90126898 Share Save What's his problem? Zarester 74 points 1 year ago The pacific ocean has 39 stars out of five on google maps MST KILL Hey Aquaman Help me with this crossword 17 across seven letters 'another phrase for a dead body' Cadaver? Anonymous 022217Wed054530 No90121140 No Has an O >90121094 OP Aquaman Uhm A corpse? Who the fuck is downvoting the ocean Nnnnope Doesn't work Oh! I got it! What is it? TO BE PERFECTLY FRANK- I'M DOING IT OUT OF SIMPLE SPITE Anonymous 022217Wed055022 No90121286 Your son! >>90121264 Wow he must really hate Aquaman Share Save Harhan Metal Gear Ray Romano 57 points 1 year ago Hey Aqua Man Knock knock Anonymous 022217Wed060346 No90121559 *sigh* Whose there Black Manta? The madman took over a terrorist organization that was on the verge of world domination just so he could use them to fuck with Aquaman Manta is a man of Not your son 'Cus you know I killed him sheer will and limitless potential Share Save REALLY HATE YOUR GUTS YOU KNOW View Same Google iqdb Sauce NAO Aquaman_Vol_7_231_Black_Mantajpg 2MiB 1920x2951 strips_of_serengeti Respect the Pipe 28 points 1 year ago I'm pretty sure Black Manta would just adopt an orphan and take it with him on his next nefarious plot just so he could tell Aquaman that it's Take-Your-Son-To-Work Day and rub in how great it is to be a father to a living child PLAGKTA Anonymous Fri 24 Mar 2017 095401 No52342588 MANTS Report Quoted By >5234421152356342 And he'd treat the kid well and make him super happy just to rub it in >>52342483 >>52331311 >>52329634 Share Save Man I love Black Manta Especially his modern incarnation where he basically doesn't seem to have any personality at all except when fucking with Aquaman He's basically Jason Vorhees or Mike Myers in terms of personality And he's a member of the Legion of Doom Can you imagine the poor schmuck that has to sit next to him in Legion meetings? Scarecrow's just sitting there trying to have a nice conversation with Solomon Grundy Born on a Wednesday when Black Manta walks in and sits down and proceeds to just stare straight ahead hands flat on the table his only movement an occasional grinding of his teeth HOWB THE WICE The Legion has supervillains and mad scientists and near-literal gods and demons and Scarecrow is stuck next to a man smelling vaguely of fish and blood who mostly just wants to kill people close to Aquaman with whatever's on-hand at the time But at least it's better than the one time he tried to be social Anonymous 032917Wed224955 No52440454 >52439850 > In the beginning there was a formless presence which cast its gaze onto the new born universe > As it gained form millennia later it thought but one thing >One thought randomly generated and with no outside influence Fuck Aquaman >Uhhey Black Manta >Did you know that you can completely gut some species of fish and if you put them back in the water they'll keep on swimming? >uhno I didn't >I must kill the sea Anonymous 111815Wed210217 No77559040 77566345 >>77566848 File f338e5becd29807d401655ce8 jpg 318 KB 736x649 Anonymous 033017Thu124916 No52448523 I could only dream of creating an enemy this autistic and hate fueled to throw at my players Black Manta is a man that both philosophically and symbolically with his suit has encased himself in hate He is the living manifestation of human hatred brought upon him by the cruel Poseidon like forces of wrathful nature represented by the ocean Black Manta has made himself into the very same pitiless irrational and savage force of hate that the earth lays upon humanity from the seas He is to Aquaman what a hurricane is to humanity who he sees as responsible for taking this reckoning upon himself as Lord of the Anonymous 033117Fri182020 No52471419 >52447826 52455734 Fucking perfect I need to add something like this to a superhero campaign of my own >This guy is after you >You don't know why or how but he will do everything in his power to slowly destroy you and make you know it was him >And his power is significant oceans He has the same all consuming hatred for Aquaman that Captain Ahab had for the white whale The fact that his true origin is purposely obscured makes him even more striking as a shapeless force of nature Anonymous 033017Thu144307 No52450280 >>52430715 Fuck man Manta has given so many reasons that turned out to be lies to fuck with Aquaman that the real reason could very well be that Manta woke up one day poured himself a bowl fish-o's turned on the news saw Aquaman and thought Fuck that guy and everything he stands for But really the reason doesn't matter anymore because Manta doesn't need it Manta isn't a man anymore Asking why Manta hates Aquaman is like asking why the stars burn or why gravity exists They just do Manta has long ago stopped having a reason beyond the fact that Aquaman exists Manta has long ago stopped being a man Now? Now Manta is much like the sea he spends so much time in You can see it in his eyes the pitiless cold and the cruel indifference Manta is a force of nature fueled by hate and spite that has long ago stopped having reason for existing beyond the fact that it does Anonymous 032917Wed 1 24658 No5243 1077 >>52430715 It's like the OP pic says He just really really fucking hates Aquaman He's givien multiple conflicting backstories and motivations several of which he admits he made up just to fuck with Aquaman At this point even if he remembers his original reason he probably doesn't care about it anymore His sole purpose in life is to screw with Aquaman in any and every way he can There is no line he won't cross no action too petty so long as it hurts Aquaman He has bent his entire being around making Arthur's life as miserable as possible and he will never stop never falter never give up He is to the king of the ocean what the sea is to angry sailors cruel uncaring and relentless He's Captain Ahab as a comic book character and we love him for it Anonymous 033117Fri143905 No52467471 >>52430715 He literally just really fucking hates Aquaman Everything he does is to fuck with Aquaman any crimes he commits are purely either to fuck with Aquaman or to acquire funds to use to fuck with Aquaman Not a day goes by in which he doesn't sit down and reflect on how much he fucking hates Aquaman Anonymous 032917Wed 122715 No52430777 Anonymous 033117Fri184459 No52471769 >52430577 Quite literally the only reason he didn't kill himself when Aquaman died was because of the off chance that he came back to life since Manta is genre savvy enough to realize that heroes do that often Is there ever a hour where Black Manta don't think about his hatred for Aquaman? Do he even sleep? Anonymous 033117Fri185027 No52471853 Anonymous 032917Wed122934 No52430813 >>52430715 There is conflicting stories about why he does It really doesn't matter because his place is a implacably actually threatening counter to Aquaman >>52471769 Well physically at least he is still human so he has to sleep at some point But he probably uses a form of self-hypnosis to ensure that when he dreams he dreams about hurting Aquaman Anonymous 032917Wed122945 No52430817 >52430758 Naw he was faking that >52430715 He just fucking hates him Maybe there is something deeper but its a mystery so far since he keeps faking out actual origin stories Honestly part of the appeal is that he is just raw anger towards the king of the sea wrapped in a calm hate-oozing package He's the Joker but without having been ruined of all character through numerous iterations Anonymous 032917Wed123148 No52430849 >52430758 Yes well I have students that are autisitic as fuck and none of them have tried to overthrow a PMC yet to fuel their crusade against me Meme






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