feeling real ghis I don't usually make statuses like this but someone needs to hear it Teen suicide is at an all time high there are wars and terrorism going on in soo many countries there's mass shootings weekly people are starving and living in poverty and there are millions of victims sold into sec trafficking daily There are souls who don't know Jesus and have never even heard his name Yet you choose to raise awareness about network marketing something 100% legal that fuels the dreams and lives of so many You make statuses that put people down You call it a pyramid scheme when you don't even know what that means You go out of your way to make sure everyone and their momma knows not to get involved with it You're so focused on calling it a scam and making sure everyone knows that you miss the genuine concerns our world is facing right now And what this scam I'm proudly a part of has done is partnered with cancer research facilities given back gyms to communities where obesity is rampant feeds hungry children partners with Selah Freedom to release sex trafficking victims and gives HOPE to a world physically and spiritually that so desperately needs it Next time you want to lead a movement or be a Facebook philanthropist PLEASE make sure it's to support a cause worthy of your time and attention Using current tragic trends to praise the almighty ItWorks! Meme











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