feedmecookiesnow not-the-blue @fandomforoz art for @letsallsleepoverwork who came up with the absolutely adorable idea of the hawkeyes braiding Bucky’s hair and painting his nails! thank you!! I thought this was cute so I wrote a story for it ** Practice on Me New York in August Bucky thinks is a special kind of hell He’s laying on the floor of his apartment with the shades all drawn and a fan blasting directly on him He’s wearing nothing but his boxers His entire body is pressed to the cool hardwood of the floor There’s a cold washcloth over his forehead An iced water sitting next to him And yet none of it is making a dent in the heat It’s thick It’s awful It’s like breathing soup “Definitely hell” he says to the dark room “One-hundred percent Grade A whole wheat hell” His phone rings Bucky cracks an eye open then gropes around on the floor for it until he can stab at it “What?” Clint’s voice echoes through the speaker “Oooh you sound angry What’s wrong?” “I’m hot” Bucky says “My air conditioning is broke and the guy can’t fix it until Friday” “Oh god” Clint sounds horrified “That’s the worst thing I’ve heard today” He pauses and then says “Well second worst My favorite taco guy was out of the spicy guacamole I had to settle for regular” “It must be hard being you” Bucky says dryly and Clint laughs “Anyway What do you want?” “I was going to ask if I could come over” Clint says “But I think now it would be better if you came to my place instead” Keep reading Meme

Come Over





New York



The Worst


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