Video Games

Week Ending January 9th, 2017

  1. Overwatch
  2. Final Fantasy XV +1
  3. Mystic Messenger −1
  4. Pokémon Sun and Moon
  5. Undertale
  6. The Sims 4
  7. Mass Effect +11
  8. Kingdom Hearts 
  9. Animal Crossing: New Leaf −2
  10. League of Legends −1
  11. Five Nights at Freddy’s −1
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim −1
  13. Stardew Valley +3
  14. Dragon Age: Inquisition −2
  15. The Sims 3 +4
  16. Yandere Simulator
  17. Team Fortress 2
  18. Fate/Grand Order
  19. Pokémon GO −4
  20. Ace Attorney −6

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

FANDOMETRICS GAEVIDE GA DEC AMES VOO GA AM <h2>Video Games<h2><p><b>Week Ending January 9th 2017<b><p><ol><li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchoverwatch>Overwatch<a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchfinal%20fantasy%20xv>Final Fantasy XV<a> <i>+1<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchmystic%20messenger>Mystic Messenger<a> <i>−1<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchpokemon%20sun%20and%20moon>Pokémon Sun and Moon<a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchundertale>Undertale<a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchsims%204>The Sims 4<a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchmass%20effect>Mass Effect<a> <i>+11<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchkingdom%20hearts>Kingdom Hearts<a> <li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchacnl>Animal Crossing New Leaf<a> <i>−2<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchleague%20of%20legends>League of Legends<a> <i>−1<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchfive%20nights%20at%20freddy's>Five Nights at Freddy&rsquos<a> <i>−1<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchskyrim>The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim<a> <i>−1<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchstardew%20valley>Stardew Valley<a> <i>+3<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchdragon%20age%20inquisition>Dragon Age Inquisition<a> <i>−2<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchsims%203>The Sims 3<a> <i>+4<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchyandere%20simulator><b>Yandere Simulator<b><a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchtf2><b>Team Fortress 2<b><a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchfate%20grand%20order><b>FateGrand Order<b><a><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchpokemon%20go>Pokémon GO<a> <i>−4<i><li> <li><a href=httpwwwtumblrcomsearchace%20attorney>Ace Attorney<a> <i>−6<i><li><ol><p><i>The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week<i><p> Meme

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