EP1 EP1 EP2 EP2 Anime Yuri on Ice Okay but did you notice how the opening changed in the second episode??? I totally missed that! Here's the video comparison and wow I'm IMPRESSED httpsvttumblrcomtumblr_oeyiiwv9em1rg90xj_480mp4#_=_ credit to cruccabastarda on Tumblr I'm not sure if this is just the difference between the first and second episodes but if the OP will gain more color with every episode then God that will be absolutely amazing Oh and you know who's watching this anime this season? Evgenia Medvedeva the reigning world champion in ladies’ figure skating Basically the real life female version of Victor Nikiforov is watching this anime and she loves it and posts about it on twitter! I think no one would have predicted how big this show would get Now as for my opinion on episode 2 It was a step down from the quality of the first episode but the show is still really good knows what it's doing and where it's heading Yuri on Ice has does its exposition extremely well and I always find myself thinking that the episodes are too short and I really need MORE Especially that the two Yuris are about to go against each other in what will probably be the most graceful battle in anime history And speaking of the two Yuris - Russian Yuri is so cute? Like I just wanna hug that little punk because come on he's so obsessed with cats and he's still trying to be badass despite being a short 15-year-old like how sweet is that? He's like a little kitten who thinks that he's a lion So precious And one more thing - I loved how the anime made Victor into a bit of a douche Like he's beautiful and incredibly skilled but let's face it - he's sort of a self-centered ass But that's amazing because it shows that he's not perfect and both Yuuri and the audience get to experience this gap in expectations by how he acts in ep 2 He's not the impeccable untouchable prince when he's not on ice and I love that I'm really enjoying the anime so far and I crave more already How about you guys? Admin Urushihara --- Fall 2016 Voting Link httpsgooglVVPEil Meme











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