Entire Florida Police Dept busted laundering tens of millions for international drug cartels The village of Bal Harbour population 2513 may have a tiny footprint on the northern tip of Miami Beach but its police department The BalHarbour PD and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office set up a giant money laundering scheme with the purported goal of busting drug cartels & stemming the surge of drug dealing going on in the area But it all fell apart when federal investigators and the Miami-Herald found strange things going on The two-year operation which took in more than $55 million from criminal groups resulted in zero arrests but netted $24 million for the police posing as money launderers Members of the 12-person task force traveled far and wide to carry out their deals from Los Angeles to New York to Puerto Rico Along the way the small-town cops got a taste of luxury as they used the money for first-class flights luxury hotels Mac computers and submachine guns Meanwhile the Bal Harbour PD and Glades County Sheriffs were buying all sorts of fancy new equipment Besides these “official” uses of the money confidential records obtained by the Miami-Herald show that officers withdrew hundreds of thousands of dollars with no record of where the money went They were like bank robbers with badges” said Dennis Fitzgerald an attorney and former Drug Enforcement Administration agent who taught undercover tactics for the US State Department “It had no law enforcement objective The objective was to make money” The operation which was not fully reported to federal authorities funneled millions of dollars to overseas criminals and interfered with investigations being carried out on known money launderers - http-alternativemediasyndicatecom-2017-02-16-entire-florida-police-dept-busted-laundering-tens-millions-international-drug-cartels- 4biddenknowledge rp @theorgonizedearth Meme





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