Employees We want $15 an hour McDonalds ORDER ORDER HERE HERE TTStoryTime Sorry for no captions It's the new 🌊 tho - I don't usually like eating fast food but a nigga is starving word to Ethiopia So I pull into the McDonald's drive thru and wait for the machine to talk Hi welcome to McDonald's Hi can I have a large ice cream cone with no cone and no ice cream? Ice cream machine broke Damn OK Well in that case can I have a Big Mac and a small drink? 🅱IG Ma🅱 Ma🅱chine broke What? What's a 🅱ig Ma🅱? My nigga you don't know what a 🅱ig Ma🅱 is? 😂👋👌💯 What language are you speaking?' Sir can you please order there are people behind you Ummm okay Can I just have a large drink? Drink machine broke Ugh I'm tired of this let me speak to the manager! Manager machine broke At this point I'm so irritated I park my car and walk into the building Can I please speak to the person in charge? I say to cashier Person in charge machine broke I face-palmed and walk out of the door I went to the trunk of my car and pulled out the M14 I was saving for class tomorrow When I entered the store again I pointed the gun at all of the employees The people behind me screamed and ran Noone dared move Ima give y'all motherfuckers one more chance Either I talk to who's in charge or I kill all of you What's it gonna be? To my left I see a black guy in a wheelchair dressed differently roll towards the register Are you the manager? I ask He nods Why the hell are your employees saying the machines are broken? He gestures behind him It was the Ice cream machine with a note on it that read Broke To the right was another machine Id never seen before 🅱ig Ma🅱 ma🅱hine broke He said I looked at his wheelchair His legs were skinny and lifeless Manager machine broke? I asked He nodded O I say quietly I put the gun down and walk out of the store Suddenly I realized I forgot something I turn around and say What about the Person in charge machine? Nigga is you dumb? All the employees laugh Little did they know I still had that M14 in my hands 😉 Meme


A Big Mac

Black Guy

Black Guys







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