Emplovee Saves Child From Kidnapper Instead Of Promotion Gets This Letter Saying He's Fired This is Dillon Reagan He recently stopped a child from getting kidnapped while he was at work OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT PO Box 14135 Satem Oregon 97309 5068 503 292-2057 541 388-6207 or 877 345 3484 tol tree Fax to 866 345 1878 Administrative Decision OILLON T REAGAN Date Issued June 292017 Appeal Deadline Date uly 192017 Cust ID OUTCOMERESULTADO You are ALLOWED benefits on this claim if otherwise eligible Se le OTORGAN los beneficios en este reclamo si de otra manera es elegible FINDINGS You were employed by THE HOME DEPOT until June 19 2017 when you were fired because you assisted the police in preventing a kidnapping This was not a willful or wantonly negligent violation of the standards of behavior an employer has the right to expect of an employee LEGAL CONCLUSIONCONCLUSION JURÍDICA You were fired but not for misconduct connected with work Usted no fue despedido por mala conducta relacionada con el trabajo Dillon Reagan Jun 9 at 1121pm HoPot Update The Friday before Mother's Day I was involved in a kidnapping attempt at my place of work A woman had been assaulted and her child had been abducted by a drunk violent man who was making a quick exit with the child in his arms My co-worker and I called the police and followed their directions to follow at a distance to make sure they could find them when the squad care arrived on scene Because of the actions of my co-worker and myself that child was rescued from his abductor and the man was arrested on the spot Today Home Depot terminated my employment I was fired for stopping a kidnapper from successfully abducting a child FML chrisray-the-lariat-king pon-raul waisted-daisiess thetrippytrip If he manages to get that story viral he’ll get a job 5 times better than his last one #youknowwhatImean BLOW THIS SHIT UP That’s Home Depot national policy 101 If an armed attacker comes into the store and threatens you you will be fired for any form of retaliation they tell you this on like day 1 More reasons Home Depot is Trash Meme




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