electric bulb @valarrrrrrry I've remembered one of my neighbors has ever asked me why I lock my door when I'm inside the house and I asked him how he knows that and he told me with a straight face that he has tried to open it some nights to 'greet me' 1619 04092019 Twitter for Android 1720 Retweets 2524 Likes morgrimmoon letsmcflytobritain deminat-20 smiling-grouch ocean-again loueejii facelesssavior twitblr Dormant Predators This is why I have this Even if they can get the lock opened they can’t push the door open Got it at Lowes for $20 reblog for that last bit to save a life If you’re like me and have a large gap under your front door someone could take a stick and just poke the leaning stick style door jam out I recommend the Addalock It’s small perfect for traveling and this lock is CRAZY It’s so simple but the door does not move You can’t see it from the other side either It also cost about $20 and I can’t recommend it enough Easy to travel with too! Great for Air BnBs! That’s why I have these on my doors They get drilled into the side and once its flipped over the door nothing is getting it open Not the door being unlocked nothing I’ve unlocked the door and pulled and pushed as hard as I could and it didn’t budge When I go on a trip this is what I use and when I’m home I leave it on too No one is getting in here Okay I know that it is necessary for many but what do you do if you need medical attention and you’re not able to open the door from the inside? Can the fire department get through these at least? Yes The fire department can and will break down your door if necessary it’s one of the reasons they have axes it’s entirely possible for door frames to meltexpandseize or otherwise become unopenable during a house fire but the door itself can be hacked down Or the window In rare cases the wall Firefighters don’t fuck around with collateral damage when lives are at stake Meme











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