DRAWING PROMPTS INTERACTIONS DRAW TWO CHARACTERS 1 Racing each other 2 Arguing with each other 27 Playing tug-of-war with each other 52 One feeding the other 3 Walking together 4 Hugging each other 5 Eating together 6 Taking a photo together 31 Studying together 7 Shopping together 8 Laughing together 9 High-fiving each other 10 Dancing together 11 Watching a movie together 36 Playing tag with each other 12 Singing together 13 Playing charades together 38 Rowing a boat together 14 Reading together 15 Waiting together 16 Staring at each other 17 Exercising together 18 Napping together 19 Texting each other 29 Comparing heights with each other 51 One pouring the other a drink 76 One teaching the other 77 One surprising the other 28 Shaking hands with each other 29 Playing a sport together 30 Panicking together 53 One throwing something at the other78 One pranking the other 54 One pushing the other 55 One pulling the other 56 One dragging the other 57 One watching the other 58 One sitting on the other 59 One giving a piggy back ride to the other 84 One slapping the other 60 One putting makeup on the other 61 One dumping water on the other 62 One taking a photo of the other 63 One leaning on the other 64 One holding the other up 65 One holding the other back 66 One helping the other up 67 One washing dishes other drying 68 One on a swing other pushing thenm 69 One scaring the other 70 One falling other catching them 71 One jumping over the other 72 One getting the other's attention 73 One judging the other 74 One fixing the other's appearance 75 One hiding behind the other 79 One blocking the other 80 One clinging to the other 81 One lecturing the other 82 One driving other passenger 83 One drawing the other 32 Playing video games together 33 Cooking together 34 Putting a jigsaw puzzle together 35 Playing hide-and-seek together 85 One giving a gift to the other 86 One chasing the other 87 One punching the other 88 One kicking the other 89 One listening to the other 90 One holding the other 91 One singing to the other 92 One sharing with the other 93 One stealing from the other 94 One whispering to the other 95 One tackling the other 96 One ignoring the other 97 One poking the other 98 One kissing the other 99 One protecting the other 37 Wrestling each other 39 Pushing something together 40 Pulling something together 41 Lifting something together 42 Building something together 43 Crying together 44 One laughing at the other 45 One comforting the other 46 One bandaging the other 47 One carrying the other 20 Playing catch together 21 Baking a cake together 22 Cleaning together 23 Playing leapfrog together 48 One supporting the other 24 Sharing an umbrella 25 Playing rock-paper-scissors 50 One helping the other 49 One begging the other 100 One mimicking the other salisontumblrcom <p><a href=httpssalisontumblrcompost173495961931100-character-interaction-ideas-to-help-hone-your class=tumblr_blog target=_blank>salison<a><p><blockquote><p><b>100 character interaction ideas<b> to help hone your posing skills These require two characters but you can also grab a friend to draw the other one!<br><p><blockquote> Meme











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