Dr Jens Foell Following @fMRI guy Replying to @Trancewith Me As we say in Germany if there's a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him you got a table with 11 Nazis 718 PM-13 Feb 2018 2004 Retweets 5180 Likes sleepyowlet silverscreenx sleepyowlet antifaintl Reminder To all the absolute walnuts in the notes No sitting down to talk with a Nazi if you don’t know they’re a Nazi doesn’t make you a Nazi Neither is trying to talk one out of their mindset I’m not sure if you’re genuinely confused about this or just sea-lioning but on the off-chance you’re sincere The quote is about people being complacent and accepting of Nazis in social settings much in the same way that rapists feel validated by rape jokes It’s about denying Nazis social validation and acceptance which is a good and necessary thing It’s about putting up a stink at family gatherings by refusing to share a meal with uncle Harry after he makes a joke about “some people” needing to be gassed It’s about standing up to members of your social group spouting antisemitic or racist shit It’s about challenging them And yes trying to talk them out of it is a valid way to do that But if you can’t cut ties It means that if you are complacent you are part of the problem So we’re supposed to give them a victim mentality that will sooner or later evolve into a revenge fantasy and culminate in actual revenge and criminal behavior? You really don’t understand that all this “punch Nazis” jargon does is making evil grow in hiding until it’s strong enough to fight back? And it’s not even a saying here The good Doctor just made up some ideological bullshit Don’t try to add nuance to a blanket statement after the fact Hello Hi East German here We actually do say that And…you are aware that they already are violent? That they kill people as is? Remember the Zwickauer Terrortrio? Punching them doesn’t make them worse than they already are - Nazis are always violent because their very ideology already is violence But you know what punching them achieves? It makes them afraid It makes it so that they don’t dare to try to climb on the herring barrel and shout shit at crowds It makes it harder for them to recruit followers openly Punching Nazis and openly ridiculing and shaming them makes sure their bullshit doesn’t get normalised aka suitable for polite conversation which as I said the quote is about Make Nazis afraid again Meme











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