Don't Outlaw Price Gouging After Harvey Let the Market Work Newsweek - 4 hours ago Related coverage Hurricane Harvey Is When We Need Price Gouging Not Laws Forbes Aug 27 2017 Show less The economic case for price gouging Quartz Aug 27 2017 Price gouging during Hurricane Harvey Up to $99 for a case of EXon E on Synergy Deli Independent Bank 3600อ181 7136006655 8163 ATM chrisdigay leftist-daily-remindersWarehouses of goods exist owners fence off these resources in order to extract profit out of people in dire need Capitalism corrupts our human instincts and emphasizes our capacity to be horrible to each other fuck shit The irony about freemarket theology which is what I consider it is that it makes the claim that a free market will lead to the best possible outcome for both the consumer and the business and thus the entire nationsociety yet we can see here that letting the market do its thing aka letting corporations do whatever they want creates a schism when it comes to benefits the benefits all go to the massive corporation and the consumers who are supposed to benefit from the allegedly benevolent actions of the market end up getting screwed When exactly does the worshipped supply and demand come into play to save the day? No consumer is demanding to pay this much money Free marketers will retort with well the government is responsible for making these companies monopolies!! REALLY?? And even if that is true in some cases it is having no government and no regulations at all I doubt would translate into the utopía freemarketers promise The market is incapable of fixing many problems and leads to the creation of monopolies Competition doesnt always lead to innovation and often leads to mightier companies buying out and destroying smaller ones This notion that the freemarket represents everyones choices is absolute hogwash Idk why this made me so mad like wtf Meme











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