Don't move in with your partner is the only advice I got Like Reply 1 h cewis why is that? Like Reply 1 h Because i don't think it's a good idea? Like Reply 1 h this is a really weird statement Like Reply 31 m am It's weird that you can't understand such a simple comment Like Reply 26 m it's not that i don't understand it i just think it's weird as it's really common for people to move in with their partners sorry you had a bad experience hope you find someone it works out with in the future Like Reply 22 m am i'm not judging you at all please stop pm'ing me thanks Danh wow hit me with your disrespectful assumptions on an advice page that's so lovely of you I forgot today is a day where I can't share my opinion without random people making assumptions about my life I was sharing my advice as it's an advice page I'm not asking for you to come and attack me because of your different beliefs because I'm sure you wouldn't like if I made assumptions and attacked you because of yours so I'd appreciate it if you stopped Like Reply 10 m rsaying don't move in with a partner is a very common thing to be said so why you are here saying my comment is weird and assuming I must think it's bad because of a previous experience is not how I expected to be treated on an advice page 7 m Like Reply On a post asking for advice re moving in with your partner Sorry for poor formatting I’m blue and crazy is red She keeps sending me paragraph-long messages and then deleting them I knew I never should’ve gotten involved rip Meme











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