DonatelloMichelangelo kittyknowsthings friendlylycanthrope ao3tagoftheday ethermaster ao3tagoftheday Image Description Tag reading “donatellomichelangelo” The AO3 Tag of the Day is Renaissance fanart I’m gonna let you in on a secret That aint renaissance fanart You know what assholes? I run this blog for y'all every day I see things you cannot begin to imagine I have to read people’s Robespierre smut and their questions about how various monsters would fuck them I am so jaded that when someone submits a tag mentioning some random vaguely liquid substance without context I just assume it’s being used as lube Nutella? Lube Crazy glue? Lube Divine fucking ichor? Fucking lube! I do this for you y'all I shield you from this shit I stand athwart the tides of horror hold my hands up and yell “STOP” in the hopes that it will keep the waters from reaching you So you know what fuckheads!? If I want to maintain the one tiny scrap of innocence I have left I will The official policy of AO3TagoftheDay is now that turtles teenage mutant ninja or otherwise do not fuck It never happens They don’t fuck They don’t fuck each other They don’t fuck humans They don’t fuck in real life and they don’t fuck in fiction This tag is about two gay Renaissance painters holding each other close and kissing chastely under the Sistine chapel ceiling There Glad we got that sorted out Please return to your regularly scheduled programming Ao3tagoftheday finally snapped I don’t know why this is so funny but I’m laughing to the point of tears Meme











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