did you know? On NielsenPanelorg you can get paid to use the internet like you normally do! Nielsen the company that does TV ratings now measures the popularity of websites and online videos To do that they'll truly pay you just to #1 Install their app on your smartphone or computer #2 Use the internet the same as you normally do and #3 GET PAID It's that easy! Nielsen gathers data anonymously and it won't slow down your device Room on the panel is limited but they're still accepting new members now nielsen PHOTO NIELSEN DID YOU KNOW? moneypets lazyproblems collegehackable zarb It takes like 5 minutes to sign up here! Nielsen is the real deal so I’m pretty excited about this They’re already paying people to watch TV now they’re gonna pay me to watch vine comps… I’M LIVING IN 3019 Reblogging to save a bank account Nielsen is absolutely amazing and I completely vouch for them! They have an A+ BBB rating and they’ve been a trusted name since the 1920s first measuring what radio stations peopled listened to then getting into TV ratings and now they measure the popularity of websites and online videos! So yes you can quite literally get paid to watch youtube videos What a time to be alive indeed Pro-tip to make the most money you guys should Join the Nielsen panel on your computer AND your phone because they pay for each device that you connect You can expect to earn about $50 per device this year and you can win up to $1000 in one month during their monthly sweepstakes! In addition to regular rewards Nielsen gives away $10000 each month All you have to do is keep the Nielsen app installed on your computer and you’ll be entered into the sweepstakes Top prize earners take home $1000 each and 400 people win cash prizes To everyone worried about what data they collect this is from their website TLDR they only want to know what websites you visit and how much time you spend on these sites They NEVER collect sensitive data such as usernames passwords login information bank or credit card information So if you could use some extra cash you honestly have nothing to lose! For once in your life get paid for your browsing history rather than other people getting paid for it IN 2019 WE LIVE IN 3019 Signal boost This works in a bunch of places! You can sign up for Nielsen from America Computer or Smartphone Canada Homescan panel Germany Computer or Smartphone United Kingdom Computer only Italy Computer or Smartphone Australia Smartphone only New Zealand Computer only Hong Kong Smartphone only Switzerland Homescan panel Finland Homescan panel Portugal Homescan panel Spain Homescan panel Meme











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