Did you do one of those crazy helicopter proposals? Haha! I think my mom is going to Do you guys like it? Right now I work as a nanny but crazy story A few years back with a couple who were able to walk away from their jobs at 31 and 35 OBVS that blew our and I connected minds so we pursued them and convinced them to spend some time with us Long story short they've agreed to take us under their wing and are in the process of coaching and mentoring us to change the way we make money so we can accomplish similar results in our life and stop sacrificing our life for a job So what does your wife do for work? Seen 08202017 0816 lol nah i proposed in Cancun A helicopter proposal would have been fun though But yes I love the It's a great place and it was very easy to get plugged in there They are very very personal there My wifey works as an office manager at a office She's been there for a couple years and has skyrocketed to the top of the chain so that's awesome did you get yourself into a pyramid scheme? Is that But what you're referring to? Cuz that sentence sounded like it came out of the pyramid scheme handbook lol 08212017 1033 Cancun seems like it'd be a perfect place to propose Good job and that's awesome! I hear there are great opportunities in the field And that's an interesting question Why would you think that? Was there something I said that would make you think I'm involved in a pyramid scheme? 08212017 1059 Well you've taken a very professional and no longer old friend standpoint now you mentioned some people walking away from their jobs at 31 and 35 sacrificing our life for jobs which is just absurd you've been very vague and haven't gone into detail in an attempt to rope me into asking about it Pyramid scheme multi level marketing however you wanna put it Now I could be a total jerk and have it all wrong But you've just given the tell-tale signs of it 08212017 1450 Gosh I can see where you're coming from and I totally need to apologize I've met people who do stuff like that and l'm that so sorry impression!! I don't really know what tell-tale signs are and sounds like you maybe had if I gave some experience in the past? You miaht know a lot more than I do! I he people I кnow are a personal relationship of ours through and are some of our best friends and have actually created some incredible things in the legitimate business world And I hope I didn't give the impression that it's anything anyone could be involved in or anything like that So I apologize But I am glad to hear that you're loving your role with the national guard and that you and your new wife are doing talk of babies in well any the near future? 08252017 1821 Yeaaahhhhhh this is so sad I can't believe you are still sticking to your guns and your dialogue about it And you are using the exact same one liners as every other pyramid schemer has used on meSorry but it's obvious you messaged me to begin with to try and get me on board And that's super disappointing If you just admit it openly I'm totally cool with that But this kind of thing is how you lose friends But just curious which company is it? ACN? Anyway? Mary Kay? Avon? Herbalife? Amway* 08272017 2110 Hey gotta be honest I was really kind of shocked by your harsh words and responses I know we were really good friends in high school and haven't talked in a long time but it sounds like you maybe had some bad experiences With peopie tnat aren't me aren't my friends or anything that I know or am doing and at this point I'm not really comfortable talking further It sounds like you have some ideas and assumptions about me and that I had ulterior motives around saying hi to begin with You can of course choose to believe what you like but wonder if you would be willing to put yourself in my shoes for a moment I was hoping to reconnect with an old friend who recently got married ask how they're doing and share some things that have been going on in my life as well but was then met with criticism and hurtful words It really does make me sad Thope you hear my heart that I truly do wish you and your wife all the best Аа We were best friends and now she’s in a cult Meme











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