DG MARVEL The Difference Between DC And Marvel This is Priceless DC Wonder Woman is too difficult to find a movie audience for- Marvel YO YOU LIKE BLACK WIDOW? HERE SHE IS IN THE NEXT CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE WITH A TON OF SCREENTIME AND MAJOR ASSKICKING SKILLS DC We can't allow the lesbians in Batwoman to get married in the comic sorry Marvel HEY GUESS WHAT WE'RE GONNA FEATURE A GAY WEDDING ON THE COVER OF AN X-MEN ISSUE DC The new direction for storytelling needs to be dark gritty mature and cynical ES Marvel DUDE CHECK IT OUT LOKI GO SPEED DATING IS THAT NOT THE BEST SH*T EVER DC After years of rumors the SupermanBatman movie is finally coming but with a new actor and suit for Batman and MAYBE a cameo from Wonder Woman Marvel PHASE 2 MOTHERF CKERS EVERYONE IS IN EVERYONE'S MOVIE AND THERE AIN'T NO STOPPIN US NOW DC We can try to add maybe one or two 'people of color' to our lineupmaybe Marvel NEW MS MARVEL THAT'S MUSLIM AMERICAN B TCHES DC We feel no problem with Batman's vengeful personality being like wet cardboard Marvel NEW LATINA GHOST RIDER WHO SEEKS VENGEANCE WHILE TAKING HIS SWEET LIL BRO FOR ICE CREAM DC We can't mention any superhero titles in our movies that's ridiculous Marvel F*CK YEAH YOU WANT A RACOON VOICED BY BRADLEY COOPER WITH A GIANT GUN? YOU WANT VIN DIESEL PLAYING A TREE? AMY F CKING POND PLAYING A SEXY BALD SPACE PIRATE? HERE YOU F*CKERS GO DC Our fanbase is mostly white males I'm sure our focus is- Marvel NEW SHE HULK LINE WHERE SHE GOES TO COURT THEN SAVES NEW YORK DC Wait Marvel NEW FEMALE THOR DC I didn't Marvel NEW BLACK CAPTAIN AMERICA Marvel TAKE ALL THIS COOL SH'T MARVEL BE OUTIE Marvel PEACE <p>The Major Difference Between Marvel And DC<p> Meme





Ghost Rider



New York



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