Decide I want to create a react app as a project to learn react I'll make a react app to manage Cloudflare dns records that will be a good starting project I haven't used react much but I can JavaScript a little I'll hit YouTube Find 1 hour YouTube video crash course in react redux Sounds good Watch video I think I have a grip on this I don't video author Find longer course video author recommended longer course recommends doing JavaScript course first seems like a good idea Buy and complete JavaScript course 21 hours Great I'm ready!!! Build app Do react app prototype in JavaScript it's not good but work 8 hours Course 16 hours fight boredom Back on track I have the power now! Build basic UI start adding features 6 hours probably Encounter issue handling SPF records can't find a suitable existing package I'll create my own!! Create SPF package 2 hours That went well l'll Read how to publish it to NPM publish to NPM Publish to NPM great success! Ponder what I've published decide it's probably not good enough to have published I'll remake it so it aligns with the SPF RFC Read the RFC for SPF Wow learnt a lot now I'm empowered! Branch package and start making to align with RFC Many head pains but almost done!! 4 hours later Buy a book on regular expressions start reading encounter issue with regular expressions Stackoverflow a while Deeper googling Make a flow diagram of how to create a simple react app Get bored Post to reddit reassure myself 'll read the regex cookbook tomorrow How to app 101 Meme








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