Dear Professor Willow In my travels I came across the oddest pair s esntde Both people and pokemon were caught off-guard by a snow storm near the end of the Winter season leaving several pokémon unprepared While rushing to get to shelter myself I noticed a Wurmple carrying an injured Oddish to safety near my suburban location To my knowledge Wurmple and Oddish don't normally interact My theory is that Wurmple happened upon the Oddish on its way to seek hiding in a nearby crawl space for itself and brought the injured Pokémon along There it tended to the Oddish who suffered heavy injuries and fever from the cold Wurmple took care of the Oddish throughout the snowstorm and nursed it back to health during the thaw It even scavenged for razz berries and pinap berries possibly picking from its own precious Winter stash to help the oddish recover When Spring arrived Oddish was healed thanks to the wurmple's care They have become quite good friends and are now inseparable I think we will see a long-lasting relationship with these two It's amazing the lessons in love and kindnes we find in even the smallest Pokémon! www tuittercomsantie saetie tumblrcom saetjeIn my PokémonGO adventures I come across the oddest events This is my first field report to Professor Willow as I observe a mismatched Pokémon pair who prove kindness warms the coldest Winter! Meme

Coldest Winter










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