Dan Primack @danprimack 3h Automattic paid peanuts for Tumblr Source familiar puts it well south of $20 million Reminder Yahoo paid $11 billion for it t Tumblr Verizon agrees to sell Tumblr to owner of Wordpress Yahoo acquired the company in 2013 for $11 billion &axioscom 84 t11K 19K Dan Primack @danprimack 2h Again just to be clear emphasis on the well below $20 million t39 448 Dan Primack @danprimack 3Story updated Price less than $3 million 616 PM Aug 12 2019 TweetDeck thecheshirechloe optometrictzedek thewebcomicsreview What’s funny is when you read articles about what happened they never mention how Yahoo promised no ads only to put in ads anyway pissing off and alienating users They never mention that Verizon’s idea of “no adult content” was to implement poorly trained bots to clear the site of anything that looked like a tittie which utterly failed at clearing the site of adult content or spam bots and instead forced millions of SFW users especially artists off the site Instead they just say “Verizon’s decision to ban adult content upset and alienated many users” Like no that’s not even remotely what happened I get new pornspam bot follows daily even now the problem is the worst its ever been Verizon failed spectacularly at doing what they said they’d do including protecting artists etc from being targeted by their algorithms The news wants the public to believe that we all threw a hissy fit and left en masse like a crowd of depraved neckbeards when tumblr banned adult content driving the site into the ground as we left Not a single article I’ve seen has discussed how VerizonYahoo is at fault Not one … do they not know that it’s their own fault?? Do they genuinely think that we’re all mad about the “lack of pornography”??? Meme





The Worst






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