cranniesinmybrain why-animals-do-the-thing enghurrd calleo the-last-teabender hiboudeluxe pancakemilkshake pancakemilkshake Kitties who eat too fast get THE PUNISHMENT BOWL Tags wow this seems cruel Sometimes cats eat so fast they puke bruh It’s not healthy There are a ton of people reblogging this actually happy that there’s a solution for this my cat does this and honestly this might solve his problems… ie SLOW THE FUCK DOWN CAT I’m not gonna lie I think I need one of these for me Dishes like this also help with dogs who eat too fast it significantly lowers their chances of choking or bloat You know these looks all silly but… they are perfect! Is your cat annoyed? Is your cat depressed? Does your cat eat too fast and suffocated itself? Does your cat eat too much? Is your cat castrated? Do your cats fight over food? These are all perfect for that! Your cats like to hunt and have fun with their food so it’s better to give them some “difficulties” and way to use their brains this is why a lot of these are called “intelligent toys” because they stimulate play and hunt “I don’t have money for that!” DON’T WORRY! You can create your own intelligent toy with whatever you have at home! This is better for cats than dogs mostly because dogs try to destroy the toy first so I won’t suggest you to use toiler paper rolls or plastic bottles! “My cat is too old for this stuff it would stop eating!” YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE! Is your cat too old to play buy a lot of little bowls and instead of putting its food in a single one split the food around the house The cat will go around searching for its food in a easy way and having a little huntplay that will surely make its day a little more fun! A+ examples of cat food enrichment! I swear these all are awesome because we have one cat but she likes to play with her food Meme










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