confused by snow @Drsmashlove Message from my lil homegirl this morning I have a question and it's a real ponderance and you seem to know a lot about these things but here goes Why do guys think I'm more attractive when I'm angry but turn around and tell me to smile more? Ok here go my thoughts 1 Men are fvcked up creatures - we think women are sexy when they're angry sad pissed off serious crying etc Resting bitch face is usually sexy on beautiful girls As I said here before I find these faces so hot that I will be an asshole just to elicit these faces from a girl and if I'm lucky punches slaps attempted headlocks and possibly a tearful strangulation where I have to beg for my life - the crazier the better - flash my life before my eyes mama - my body is ready 😍 2 That said men want to be around girls who are fun free-spirited and irreverent Like a serious face is sexy but if a girl is serious all the time it's not chill Men like to be around women who are chill Like u gotta be able to roll a joint or pack a bowl and then say some hilarious shit to set the mood Actually the best of both worlds is dry ass humor where u say shit that make me fall over laughing but in a deadpan deadass manner Like I went out with this girl Bruh she said I once went home with a guy and after we hooked up he sat up in bed took out his laptop and said 'I missed one of Trump's speeches today I'm gonna watch it real quick' I have never regretted hooking up with someone more in my entire life No smiles She said that shit with heartfelt regret I COLLAPSED LAUGHING MY ASS OFF BRUH I DIED 😂 To this day I laugh about that shit So there u go Keep a sexy bitch face on u and say hilarious shit and u will be bae AF Ya get me! Bless up 😂😂😂 Meme

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