Colonial Empire Building 20h So I've got an idea and am looking for a system to run it The idea is the title - the PC's are a cast of ranking and specialized members of a naval expedition to bring 'civilization' to the far corners of an unknown world and send back treasure while they're at it They'd have to handle diplomacy rival expeditions pirates wars back home angry natives and the strange and terrifying monsters that dot far edges of maps all while dark forces both old and new lurk in the background looming over the petty squabbles The big systemic twist is that the colonizers lack magic but have comparatively advanced ships and gunpowder weapons at least initially while some of their would-be targets still practice these strange and old arts sure to mix up the classic encounter I've got a good bit down as far as the setup and conceptual setting would go probably more reminiscent of the Portuguese in India than the Caribbean but I need a system to appropriately capture this empire-building something where a player can say things like 'l establish a fort' and there's a mechanical way to handle that That said I'm also looking for strong personal combat and shipfleet systems as an equal priority not just handled through single abstract rolls I know GURPS has everything but I'm looking for other options before resorting to that nor would I like to go full-narrative with something like Genesys or Savage Worlds do they have kingdom building? From past experience I'm not a fan of Of Ships and the Sea for 5e although I haven't tried Kingdoms so I'm not sure if that's a strong choice either From further research I've come up with Reign 7th Sea and Skull and Bones as possible options for base systems with supplements as they have them Any suggestions? looking for a slavery sim thx &lt3 Meme











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