Code Written By A CS 101 Student public int fibonacci int x if x 1 return 1 else if x 2 return 1 else fibonacci x - 2 return fibonacci x 1 Code Written At A Hackathon public int getFibonacciNumber int switch n n case 1 return 1 case 2 return 1A case 3 return 2 case 4 return 3 case 5 return 5 case 6 return B case 7 return 13 default good enough for the demo lol return -1 Code Written At A Startup 1TODO add Javadoc comments getFibonacciNumber TODO Should we move this to a different file? public int getFibonacciNumber int n TODO Stack may overflow with recursive implementation switch over to iteration approach at some point? if n0 TODO This should probably throw an exception Or maybe just print a log message? return-1 else if n 0 TODO Generalize the initial conditions? return 0 else if n 1 return 1 else TODO Spend some time with my family and kids I've been at work for over 48 hours straight return getFibonacciNumber n 1 + getFibonnaciNumber n - 2 Code Written At A Large Company getFibonacciNumber is a method that given some index n returns the nth Fibonacci number eparam n The index of the Fibonacci number you wish to retrieve return The nth Fibonacci number public CustomInteger 64 getFibonacciNumber CustomInteger64 n FibonacciDataViewBuilder builder FibonacciDataViewBuilderFactorycreate FibonacciDataViewBuilder new FibonacciDataViewBuilderParams n null null if builder = FibonacciDataViewBuilderConstantsERROR_STATE throw new FibonacciDataViewBuilderFactoryException FibonacciDataView dataView builderGenerateFibonacciDataView this if dataView FibonacciDataViewConstantsERROR STATE throw new FibonacciDataViewGenerationException return dataViewaccessNext FibonacciNumber null null null Code Written By A Math PhD public int getFibonacciNumber int n return int divide subtract exponentiate phi subtract phi psi n exponentiate psi n public double exponentiate double a double b if equal b zero return one else return multiply a exponentiate a subtract b one 1 public double phi return divide add one sqrt add one one one one one add one one public double psi return subtract one phi Code Written By Your Cat public static final int UNITE - 1 public static final int UNITED= 2 meowwnn meow public int meow int KITTENS_OF_THE_WORLD MEOW if KITTENS_OF_THE_WORLD < UNITED return KITTENS_OF_THE_WORLD else meeoowwwwwwwnw meoooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww return meow KITTENS OF THE WORLD - UNITE meow KITTENS OF THE_WORLD UNITED 6 types of programmers Meme











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