CNN Live TV US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico By Theresa Waldrop CNN Updated 747 PM EDT Sun March 25 2018 “A US Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has been deported to Mexico US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Perez 39 was escorted across the US-Mexico border from Texas and handed over to Mexican authorities Friday ICE said in a statement Perez his family and supporters who include Sen Tammy Duckworth of Illinois had argued that his wartime service to the country had earned him the right to stay in the United States and to receive mental health treatment for the PTSD and substance abuse This case is a tragic example of what can happen when national immigration policies are based more in hate than on logic and ICE doesn't feel accountable to anyone Duckworth said in a statement following reports of Perez's deportation At the very least Miguel should have been able to exhaust all of his legal options before being rushed out of the country under a shroud of secrecy Perez was born in Mexico and legally came to the United States at age 8 when his father Miguel Perez Sr a semi-pro soccer player moved the family to Chicago because of a job offer Perez told CNN earlier He has two children born in the United States His parents and one sister are now naturalized American citizens and another sister is an American citizen by birth Source CNN immigration immigrants deported veteran immigrant immigrants veterans Meme










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