Chuck Tingle @ChuckTingle Following there are infinite genders and infinite biological sexes here and elsewhere there are infinite layers of reality based on infinite events through history that create variations in universes meaning that YES science says there are infinite genders and sexes sorry this is science jaclynnicole @JaclynMaupin Replying to @ChuckTingle @vmbellamy There are only 2 genders I think what you mean is there are infinite sexual attractions and preferences including not being sexual at all Asexual Do not confuse what turns a person on with gender Gender is biological Because science 641 AM - 30 Aug 2018 Laci Green@gogreen18 3h Replying to @ChuckTingle @Hey AllieMoon there are infinite genders but there are not infinite sexes sorry this is actually science 29 V 135 8 ScienceVet @ScienceVet2 3h Sex is a spectrum too See this thread of actual science We actual scientists have actually researched this Chuck Tingle @ChuckTingle there are infinite genders including no gender at all 2 2 56 Laci Green@gogreen18 2h i am a training clinician and hold a degree in chemistry not an expert but not an idiot yes sex is certainly a spectrum it is a diverse bimodal distribution that follows two developmental pathways as scientists it is not helpful to further confuse the public on this topic 8 18 ScienceVet @ScienceVet2 2h And l'm a PhD in Biochemistry published in sex differentiation and endocrinology This is literally my field of expertise 4 4 80 polyglotplatypushighlight of my day was seeing an actual doctor rip apart Known Transphobe™ laci green under a tweet of chuck tingle supporting trans people and science! and being lovely as usual Meme











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